We are always looking for opportunities to improve existing installations to run SMARTER – as new technology becomes available – if there is clear benefit to our customers.

As far as we we know this is the 1st installation in Canterbury of the very latest tech High End Solar Panel.

The REC Alpha 360W panel is the worlds highest powered 60 cell solar panel

Installed above Summit Rd just before the lockdown put the brakes on...

We have been watching the performance of these panels online with great interest, they are really cranking out the power & maxing out the 8 kilowatt inverter on these sunny cool Canterbury days.

We have these panels in stock now & can help plan your installation!

REC Black panels & mounting hardware makes for a tidy water tight installation – when installed by our REC Solar Professionals – you get an enhanced warranty – ask us about the difference



We often work in with construction projects – and co-ordinate with your project manager.

This is a good opportunity for a very tidy installation – as cables can be routed prior to lining.

This one is an EQ rebuild - looks like Riccarton Bush in the background.

15kW system on commercial premises in Hornby – with 52 Jinko Mono crystalline panels – with integrated Maxim shade mitigation

Here’s an interesting example of a recent upgrade we carried out for a customer in Christchurch that we first set up with PV in 2013.


With NZ home demographics changing – properties are increasingly home to extended families, often with more than 1 building & complex loads like multi hot water cylinders.

Having carried out a careful analysis of generation & usage – taking more holistic approach to their needs & opportunities to improve the solution - there was an opportunity for this property to benefit from the latest technology available. An extra 10 panels were added & we also installed active close management by incorporating an exciting NZ innovation: Power Genius- it has ability to control multi building / multi load sites. This very happy customer is now enjoying significantly reduced power bills & a much higher utilisation of their generated power and are happy to share their experience with Solar Future customers.

Jon & Trish of Lincoln Canterbury had their 10kW Solar Power System installed by Solar Future NZ this year. This features the latest in Smart Solar control technology: Power Genius.

Not only are they generating lots of their own electricity, but Power Genius is managing their excess solar power for them, power that that would otherwise be exported back to the grid. 

Power is diverted to their hot water cylinder - and to their in-slab underfloor heating. This happens at the rate power is being generated, which significantly improves the return on their investment,

They are really enjoying the extra warmth – now free from the suns energy, contributing to their warmer healthier home.

These blue tinted panels can look quite good on a terracotta coloured tile.

It’s not all about aesthetics – this customer in St Martins now enjoys negligible power bills and so a better return on their investment

thanks to smart hot water control & our holistic approach to their energy requirements.

Our specialist installers have the expertise to retrofit PV onto Decramastic roof tiles.

We did this for Jo in Ashburton early 2018 & she loves her Smart PV system.

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