Our aim is to install the latest tech, highest reliability equipment we can.
This is a long term perspective for our business.
If you have no problems it means we have no problems & happy customers for the long term.
- its a very uncomplicated approach :-)

A recently completed installation – our customers are recognising the value of owning the latest tech REC Alpha panel

Featuring the best & most secure warranty in NZ


Install features Fronius Inverter & Sonnen Batterie providing storage to maximise self consumption & standby power to keep things going in a power outage

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The REC Alpha 360W panel tilted

Alpha Install Fb.jpg
Commercial Installs:

Our commercial customers are more than happy they made the executive decision to install Solar Future PV systems 

Generate power at the time of consumption - more power independence from the grid & other accounting considerations 

"makes it a no brainer" in their own words & warmly commend others to look seriously at this

Call or email Karl today for a no obligation consultation on what Solar Future can do for your business!


Phone: 0275 942 922

Email: karl@solarfuturenz.co.nz

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The Power to Care…

We recently completed this commercial Solar Power Install at Elms Court Life Care and were personally impressed by the care & real family “feel”

They also care about sustainability & energy efficiency – feedback from owner Steve was:

"Karl and his team looked after us from conception to finished product. A great product at a great price continues to provide both ongoing energy savings, but also book savings. Thanks!"


Our friends at Happy Spine are a health & sustainability focused company, so when they asked us to help reduce their monthly Energy costs – we were happy to oblige

Solar Future installed their commercial PV system at their premises in Clarence St. Riccarton recently


It's not just a short term thing..

It's protection against the risk of future power price increases – making a "great health" focused business' bottom line even healthier for many years ahead

It also makes a great statement from their roof

8 Sycamore REC 2.jpg
Robinsons Rd REC dual array & PG 2.jpg

REC Black panels & mounting hardware makes for a tidy water tight installation – when installed by our REC Solar Professionals – you get an enhanced warranty – ask us about the difference

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We specialise in construction projects, such as this impressive Eco Home - featuring the powerful 360W REC Alpha Panels added to a previous REC panel system

Completed Solar Installation Christchurch

Here’s an interesting example of a recent upgrade we carried out for a customer in Christchurch that we first set up with PV in 2013.


With NZ home demographics changing – properties are increasingly home to extended families, often with more than 1 building & complex loads like multi hot water cylinders.

Having carried out a careful analysis of generation & usage – taking more holistic approach to their needs & opportunities to improve the solution - there was an opportunity for this property to benefit from the latest technology available. An extra 10 panels were added & we also installed active close management by incorporating an exciting NZ innovation: Power Genius- it has ability to control multi building / multi load sites. This very happy customer is now enjoying significantly reduced power bills & a much higher utilisation of their generated power and are happy to share their experience with Solar Future customers.