We're excited to be one of the first REC Sales Partners in Asia-Pacific to receive the REC Alpha Series 370W All-Black module, limited stock available for installation. 


For those bold enough to own the best  - these panels really are Beauty & the Beast

all tied up in a architecturally stunning – Ultra High Performing - long life package

Key Features of the Alpha Series?

  • 370W All-Black HJT Cell Mono Module (includes Black BUS bars)

  • 92% Power Output @ 25 Years

  • 25 year product & labour warranty*

  • NO LID (Light Induced Degradation) = no power loss, you get what you pay for

  • Twin Peak design with half cut cells

  • Rear support bars protect cells & increases snow load to 7000 Pa


More information:
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Solar Future NZ Ltd are REC Certified Solar Professionals – meaning you get an even more comprehensive warranty

Some examples of our premium products
Solar Panels
Solar panel technology has been perfected and efficiency improved for decades. It is "tried and tested" technology that has proven it can "go the distance".
REC is internationally recognised for their premium quality solar panels. 
REC provides the worlds CLEANEST ENERGY - via the lowest carbon payback in the industry. 
REC’s renowned product quality also boasts the industry's lowest warranty claims rate.
With HQ in Norway since 1996 and operational HQ in Singapore, REC employs more than 2,000 employees worldwide.
REC Solar Professional Logo
Solar Battery

Improve your self-consumption of your solar generation - by diverting your spare power to a solar battery during the solar day & discharging morning or evening – when your solar is no longer available.

There are also options for emergency stand-by circuits & the ability to charge your battery from your solar at time of grid outage.


Solar Future NZ currently have the iconic Tesla Power Wall2 battery in stock & available to install in Canterbury now!


Having Tesla Power Wall2 installed as part of Solar PV home energy system, means you will be able to store your excess solar generation & use it when required - e.g. when solar isn't available.


It also means you will have standby power including battery recharge from solar at time of grid outage.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery
Contact us now – available only while stocks last - please note T’s & C’s apply - including Tesla Power Wall2 supplied as part of a full new PV system installation – minimum PV system size applies.

Sonnen is a world leading Battery & Energy system manufacturer based in Germany – with great local support

This energy system is often selected by those who want the best & can recognise the value of quality.


The Sonnen Hybrid is an all in one Battery & Inverter system – in a very aesthetic package low profile package.


These future proofed systems feature an expected 20 year design life & one of the world’s safest battery chemical technologies.


Not only do you get better self-consumption of your PV generation - with the addition of Sonnen Protect – you get backup of key loads during a power cut  - as well as the ability of your solar panels to charge your battery during a grid outage.



With the Sonnen app you get visibility & control of your home energy system.

Sonnen Phone app.png

It is a Modular expandable system, to suit your changing energy needs.


Gain access to the sonnenCommunity, the world's largest clean energy sharing community.


Australasia's most installed Inverter range. German engineered with competitive warranty and great support. 


European manufactured with a long history of quality and market leading features and options.

Smart Energy Management

Solar Future are about Smart Energy Systems, offering not only the latest technology, but the ability to incorporate future developments as they are released. While storage batteries are an option to capture excess solar – you’ll often get a better return by using more of the power you generate.

Here are 2 great new Smart Energy Management options available from Solar Future NZ:


PowerGenius Logo

Solar Future are an approved installer of PowerGenius.

SMART CONTROL of solar doesn’t get any smarter or more configurable than PowerGenius. This cloud based Kiwi innovation gives you significant ability to take TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR POWER TOTAL.


Featuring a fantastic real time Graphic interface via your PC or Smart Device. If you’re considering solar – or have an existing PV system that really could do with an upgrade to work SMARTER – talk to us about this newly available technology.


Call us to experience & install the best: 0275 942 922

Do you have a Samil Solar River Inverter installed in Canterbury

that is not generating power for you anymore?

(Blue Inverter as installed by Righthouse 2013-2015)

We can get you going again!

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