30% of New Zealand's power generation is still non renewable

There is an abundance of environmentally sustainable free energy on offer from the sun.

Energy can be a significant monthly expense - we often dread reading our power bills. 

You can use that energy to generate free electricity, significantly reducing your power bill for decades to come.

The investment in going solar is offset by a reduced power bill.

Electric Cars recharging at a charging station

Imagine not only free power from your roof for your home, but also generating free "fuel" for your electric vehicle.

Solar powered solutions christchurch

These benefits are being achieved by people using the millions of Photo Voltaic (PV) Solar panels that are installed internationally.

In recent years  Solar has become significantly more affordable

which is why thousands of Kiwis have taken the plunge and invested

Owners of Solar Power systems often enjoy significantly better returns than money in the bank

Tax free returns in excess of 10% PA are very common.

PV Cells Christchurch

Add value to your property. Make your future more secure by protecting against long term rising energy costs 

make your roof work for you.

Business to Business partnership

Demonstrate your Company's environmental responsibility and contribution to global sustainability

Embrace Solar Technology.